Fort Amherst to Cape Spear, Newfoundland Canada





60343 ft

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St John'S, NF, Canada
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Hike starts at Fort Amherst. The wide bay with the rock breakwater at about 2.7 miles is Freshwater Bay, so named because the water on the inside of the breakwater is fresh. There is an entry point to Freshwater Bay from the St. John&#039;s - Cape Spear road; this is about a 20 minute hike, and makes Freshwater Bay an optional stop/ start point. The Community encountered at about 5.7 miles is Blackhead. This is another optional stop/ start point. The trail ends at Cape Spear, for a total of about 8.1 miles. All sections of this hike are part of the East Coast Trail. <br> <br> So, the route options are: <br> <br> 1) Fort Amherst to Freshwater Bay (2.7mi), Blackhead (5.7mi), or Cape Spear (8.1mi). <br> <br> 2) Freshwater Bay to Blackhead (3mi) or Cape Spear (5.4mi). <br> <br> 3) Blackhead to Cape Spear (2.4mi).
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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat hc 0.87 mi/3.74 mi 2.87 mi -4476 ft/746 ft 34.5%
Cat False 14.95 mi/26.10 mi 11.15 mi -54754 ft/252 ft 93.4%
Cat 5 28.53 mi/29.47 mi 0.93 mi 98 ft/211 ft 2.3%

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