Wastwater Circular





193 ft

Begins in:
Wasdale, United Kingdom
Created By:
jon shackleton
We set off from camp 10:30am (approx) and headed off down the road to Wastwater, stopping at Overbeck Bridge to fill up water bottles, as it was getting pretty hot by this stage. Sitting on the bridge and indeed everytime we have passed Wastwater, the scree on the other side has always looked perilous and too tricky to contemplate but that was where we had boldly opted to travel!Further round the lake shore we stopped again at Netherbeck, mainly to have a look at the falls and in the possible contemplation of climbing Middle Fell but Mark was suferring a bit with blisters from his expensive boots (Not a problem from my new Scarpa&#039;s despite been half the price of his Raichle!) so we filled up our water, shot the waterfall and headed off back on the road. Following the shoreline we soon came to the beach area where all the scubadivers enter the water, they were also out in force today in their wetsuits despite the blazing sun. Just as the road bears right and heads off for Gosforth we joined the footpath along the side of the lake through a brightly coloured Rhodidendron (excuse spelling!) grove, this soon gave way to a large green space which we have earmarked for kite flying next time we are up this way! We then passed through a gate into the woods surrounding the bottom end of the lake, stopping at a bench for cigarettes and refreshment. Through the trees you can see a very posh looking youth hostel that looked far too expensive for our meagre budget and far too stuffy for our style of outdoors experience! From here the path meanders back and forth along the shore and through the woods. The shore looks good enough for bivvying on a summers night and we will probably do this on a later trip. The path takes you deeper into the wood and away from the lake finally giving way to a bridge over the river that runs out of the bottom of Wastwater. Turning back on yourself now you enter a field, where we briefly stopped to watch a farmer bailing hay on his tractor. Illgill Head now looms in front of you as you follow the edge of the field into another small wooded area. Once out of this you are at a gate which wares a sign warning you of the dangers of the scree path, too late to turn back now we headed on the track to the corner of the lake which has a very serene pool which eventually feeds the river further back the way we came. The path follows the edge of the lake at a decent height, giving no clue of what lies ahead. The first and certainly most impressive scree slope on this side of the water lies just around the corner and starts to look more and more daunting as it looms into view. As we approach and take a breather the rocks are actually impressively large, we remark that no one else could be mad enought to come round here and all of a sudden five or so old boys come clambering round the scree. When asked how it was they reply &quot;If us old buggers can make it, anyone can!&quot; We are given the tip of staying low and just picking our way across, minding out for loose rocks. So off we set slowly at first, then picking up speed as we gain confidence. It is a lot less ugly than it looks, there are two gigantic boulders about halfway round which take a little negotiating but we are soon through this impressive mine field. We do two further smaller scree sections then stop for lunch under the shade of a tree that juts out at an odd angle of the now quite high banked path. After eating are ham and cheese sandwiches, that were by this time squashed and melted &amp; resembled something from McDonalds, we set off on the last scree section which is quite level and made of much smaller rocks. Once over this we follow the rocky path that meanders two and fro eventually leading to the farm just above the NT Campsite here we stop again to see if Mark can get a signal on his phone to call his girlfriend but no luck! Whilst resting a group of walkers on a guided tour of Scafell repeatadly discuss how they are having fish and chips later on that evening in Keswick, which prompts me to tell them to shut up and a friendly manner as the previous evening we were told the local pub doesnt even do a portion of chips and it was just what we felt like, having come off Kirk Fell feeling pretty hungry! After this amusement and watching them pack Pot noodles amongst other items into their rucksacks we head off across the campsite to the stile, through the river bed and back to the road returning to the pub and several pints of Hoegarden! <br> &lt;br&gt; <br>
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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 0.06 mi/1.88 mi 1.82 mi 234 ft/397 ft 1.7%

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