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186 ft

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Rockburn/Patapsco Parks, MD, United States
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I assume my shorter total distance traveled for all 10 points versus Kevins was due to the direct compass bearings used for most points. Plus we all did not have the same start points. After the entire cousre was declared OPEN I planned the shortest route possible. My miles would be even shorter IF I had trusted my compass bearing from G to F. You should be able to see how I went with what my mind thought was the Belmont Property Line. At the mid point between G - F (crosses #8 &amp; #9 from the start)is where I aborted the bearing and went with poor judgement. <br> I plotted the cousre with the aerial view. Hope you all can access it. Looking forward to seeing everyones course. Even the ones who bailed early due to other committments. <br> Bill


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